The parish church, originate from the 1600s and still in operation, is part of the estate offering a unique and unforgettable flavor to the whole complex.


The Fornello territory, in the municipality of Ziano Piacentino, is located in the beautiful Val Tidone in the Colli Piacentini, one of the four valleys that characterize the hills of Piacenza, in Emilia Romagna. A unique and aesthetic heritage in which the wine is the greatest expressions.


The nature in Torre Fornello has created the ground and ideal climate for the cultivation of the vine, from the Roman times. The vineyards reach a total of 73 hectares, divided into two farms, one wholly-owned with certified organic grapes (The Bernesca).


The garden is fully integrated with the hilly landscape that surrounds the estate.


The large space, set in the restored barn from 1600, for the tastings, meetings and events.


The most important and rural architectural element of the entire complex. It was renovated recovering its arched windows that look out onto a landscape rich in vineyards

The cellars

The ancient cellars, placed below the villa and dating back to 1600, hosting the Allier French  oak barrels where the wines are aged and preserved. The classic method sparkling wines find the perfect conditions to become quality products in the cellars dating back to 1400. In the manufacturing cellar, created in 1998 and equipped with advanced technological equipments, are processed grapes only directly grown.

The entrance

An arch portal, adjacent to the church, leads to the halls of the stables and the tavern. Here are also the local administration and the store.


The horse stables of 1600, the most dynamic part of Torre Fornello, are currently engaged for exhibitions and events hosted in the company.

The Villa

The villa, built in 1600 around the tower erected in 1400 and now restored, looks like a prestigious country accommodation; it’s the part of the estate dedicated to the most prestigious events.