Arts Vineyard

Gioielli in Fermento

Since its first edition, year 2011, the Gioielli in Fermento project proposes itself as a means of communication for the experimentation in act in the world of jewellery. Torre Fornello gives them the possibility to show a curious, or well-aware, or amazed public this aspect of jewellery making which is currently far too little known by the contemporary applied arts.
The project consists of a competition open to designers and goldsmiths artists, professionals and scholars, and the related exhibit of unique jewellery inspired by a specific theme which is renewed every year in concept related to the world of wine.

The resulting exhibition, for 50 selected artists and unique pieces, is hosted at Torre Fornello Winery which dedicated its impressive spaces to the Vineyard of Arts and has the opportunity to be presented during the year of edition in other cultural contexts related to contemporary jewellery or exploiting synergy with events related to the world of wine in the role of representative of Italian excellence.

Every edition is assigned the Torre Fornello award, a official reward that enjoys growing success and consideration in the contemporary jewelry art and jewelery, involving juries of experts and International organizations: AGC Association Gioello Contemporane, JOYA Art Jewellery Fair, Klimt02 Art Jewellery Online.