Discover, clicking on the ovierview, the buildings, gardens, cellars, vineyards and territory, which together make up the unique landscape and the extraordinary architectural, historical and cultural heritage of Torre Fornello, its rich history and reception features


On the Fornello tower stands from centuries a weatherwave flag of wrought iron with astrl symbol: three eight-pointed stars and an ellipsoidal planet in the middle. The history of this flag is unknown. It’s a perhaps a trace of the old owners, the Sanseverino ancient family, Princes of Naples, alchemist and scholars of the stars. We like to interpret it misssing out the most mysterious part, giving to the star a particular sense.

The star wants to indicate the cardinal points of taste: the north and south, east and west. The four basic tastes of a wine perceived by the tast buds: bitter, sour, sweet and salty, and the various nuances that make it even more complex and interesting tasting. This flag so special and full of symbolism, today has become our logo and corporate brand.

Legend tells that the tower is haunted by the ghost of a young noblewoman, burned at the stake with changes of witchcraft, that is still occasionally walking throught the ancient rooms of the palace.